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Hotel Policies

Guests at Belmont are free to come and go as they please, having access to the whole property. Belmont is an exclusive hotel specifically designed to give guests the comforts of home. If you would like to stay at Belmont we ask that you kindly adhere to our Terms and Conditions as well as the following policies: 

  • Guests need a verified phone number to book.
  • Guests can book without a previous stay.
  • Guests need to provide their address to book.

Should you require anything during your stay, you will be able to contact the owner directly with details provided on this website. Guests will have the house to themselves, however, there is a self contained flat at the back of the house which is sometime used by the owner. 



Belmont is fitted with automated locking on the front door and standard security locks throughout the house. The Hotel bears no liability for any theft on the property during their stay. It is the guests responsibility to keep the house locked at all times during their stay. Belmont is booked by guests as a private premises and therefore bares no responsibility for loss or theft by guests. 


Cancellations & Refunds

Guests are graced with a seven (7) day cancellation period for bookings up to the date of stay. Guests will be charged the first night of their stay for any cancellation made within the seven day period. Due to the high volume of guests at Belmont, we will allow guests to obtain a full refund if cancellation is made outside seven (7) days of their stay. This allows guests to nominate a period of stay weeks in advance and cancel for any reason outside the stipulated time. However, if your stay with us is over three nights or more our standard terms and conditions apply which are linked to our page. Also located in our terms and conditions are our refund fees and cancellation fees if you are to cancel within the above stipulated periods.